British Library Online Account

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You need a British Library Online Account to use many of our services. You can open an account by registering your details with us.

Is the British Library accessible online? 

Yes. Our main catalogue of 170 million items can be searched online, as well as our other catalogues. You can request items online to view in one of our Reading Rooms, use our On Demand service or the Management and Business Studies (MBS) Portal.  

What services require an online account?

Reader services

To see items from our collection you will need to get a free Reader Pass. This also gives you an online account, which is how you can order items online ahead of your visit. 

Please note: If you obtained your Reader Pass before 13 July 2020 but don’t have a British Library online account you will need to upgrade your account for Reader Services. Reader Passes issued after 13 July 2020 are automatically set up with an online account.

On Demand

Our On Demand service enables online account holders to request online versions of documents, articles and chapters from our collection. You can search and order from over 42 million items. We will scan and email the material so you can have it when and where you need it.

Register now for On Demand services, or to add it to the services on your online account.

Management & Business Studies Portal

The MBS Portal is a specialist part of our collection where online account holders can access a range of high-quality reports and other publications from our business and management content archive. Content can be downloaded direct to your mobile device or PC. 

Register now to get instant access to the MBS Portal, or to add it to the services on your online account.  

Editing and changing your account

Login to your account to change your password, email address and marketing permissions. You can also view which services you have subscribed to, such as On Demand or the MBS Portal.

Having problems? Contact us

If you have any queries about setting up or managing your British Library Online Account please contact us