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Examine the Alfred Jewel and the treasures of the Binham and Staffordshire Hoards. Read the runes on the Franks Casket and the riddles of the Exeter Book. Study the stunning illustrations of the Benedictional of Æthelwold, the Grimbald Gospels, and the Æthelstan Psalter. Dive into the world of the Beowulf manuscript.

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  • Alcuin's letter collection


    This collection of the letters of the Englishman Alcuin of York (b. c. 735, d. 804), is datable to the early ninth centu...

  • Aldhelm on Virginity


    This manuscript contains the prose version of Anglo-Saxon author Aldhelm’s De uirginitate (‘In Praise of Virginity’). It...

  • Aldhelm's Riddles


    Aldhelm’s Latin verse Enigmata or Riddles was widely read and studied in the Middle Ages, both in England and on the Con...

  • Alfred Jewel


    The Alfred Jewel is one of the most celebrated objects surviving from Anglo-Saxon England. Inscribed +ÆFLRED MEC HEHT GE...

  • Anglo-Saxon calendar and computistical material


    Farming was the basis of the early medieval economy and the occupation of the majority of the population, but agricultur...

  • Anglo-Saxon Chronicle manuscript B


    This is the second oldest manuscript of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. It was made in the 10th century and cuts off at the e...

  • Anglo-Saxon Chronicle manuscript C


    The third oldest version of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle is known as ‘Manuscript C’. It is traditionally thought to have be...

  • Anglo-Saxon Chronicle manuscript D


    This collection of historical texts is notable for including a copy of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. This version of the Ch...

  • Anglo-Saxon Mappa Mundi

    Map, Manuscript

    This mappa mundi is one of the earliest surviving maps of the world and the only example that originates from England be...

  • Asser's Life of King Alfred


    The Life of King Alfred by Bishop Asser is the earliest known source about an Anglo-Saxon king, a king often known today...

  • Bald’s Leechbook


    Bald’s Leechbook is a large collection of medical remedies in Old English. Its recipes are drawn from Greek and Roman au...

  • Benedictional of St Æthelwold


    The Benedictional of St Æthelwold

  • Bestiary, with extracts from Gerald of Wales


    A bestiary contains Christian allegorical lessons based on the characteristics and habits of animals found in nature and...

  • Binham hoard


    The Binham hoard was discovered by metal-detectorists between 2003 and 2015. It is the largest collection of gold from 6...

  • Bodmin manumissions


    This illuminated gospel-book was copied in Brittany in the last quarter of the 9th century. At some point in the first h...