Propaganda flyer dropped during a flight over Vienna


This leaflet was one of many ‘bombed’ on Vienna by the air squadron of Gabriele d’Annunzio (1863-1938), a poet-soldier of World War One. It contains propaganda in which d’Annunzio highlights the allied victories in Italy (Piave) and in France (Marne) during the final months of the war.


In this morning of August, while the fourth year of your desperate convulsion ends and brightly starts the year of our full power, the tricolour flight suddenly appears as a sign of the destiny which is changing.
The destiny changes. It is changing towards us with an iron certainty. The moments of that Germany which humiliated and infected you passed. Your time ended. As our faith had been stronger, here it is the predominance of your will. It will be stronger till the end. The victorious fighters of Piave, of Marna can hear it, they know it, with a feeling that increases the rush. But if the violence wouldn’t be enough, it will be the number: and this is said for all those who use to fight ten against one. Atlantic is an unclosed way; and this is an heroic way, as the new chasers who coloured Ourcq with German blood proved.
On the wind of victory high from the rivers of freedom we only came for the joy of boldness, to prove what we could risk and do whenever we want, in the time we will choose.
The rhomb of the new Italian wing doesn’t seem to a funeral one, in the morning lights. Nevertheless the happy audacity stops between Santo Stefano and Graber an irrevocable sentence, Viennese.
Gabriele D’Annunzio

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Flyer dropped during the flight over Vienna
Gabriele D'Annuzio
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