The Wedding of King Edward II and Isabella of France


On 25 January 1308, in Boulogne, northern France, a French princess aged only 12 – the daughter of King Phillip IV (1268–1314) – was joined in marriage to the new king of England, Edward II (1284–1327), who was then almost 24. Isabella (1295–1358) is shown centre stage, dressed in shining blue and gold, with a sparkling crown and gorgeous flowing hairstyle, with wonderful details of the cityscape in the background.

This picture of the ceremony taking place outside is from a copy of Anciennes et nouvelles chroniques d'Angleterre, by the Burgundian soldier, ambassador and historian Jean de Wavrin (1398–1474). The text is a chronicle of English history – from its mythical origins up to the reign of Edward II – written in French.

The manuscript is richly illuminated with 29 full-page illustrations of historical events, as well as decorated borders and initials painted in vivid colours and gold. It was made in Bruges for Edward IV (1442–1483), who is portrayed receiving the book from Jean de Wavrin at the beginning of the volume.

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Anciennes et nouvelles chroniques d'Angleterre (Old and New Chronicles of England)
Jean de Wavrin
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British Library
Royal 15 E. IV, ff. 294v-295

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