Advancing opportunity: older people and social care

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Smith Institute
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29 January 2008
Social Work, Social Care and Social Services, Older Adults
Social welfare
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Changing demographics are placing ever greater strains on our social care system. There is already evidence of unmet need and the pressure on services is immense. This pressure comes not only from the numbers of people requiring care, but also the expectation of high-quality support and care, from a population increasingly used to high-quality services (both public and private) tailored to their needs. Various reports have begun to highlight the need for radical change, and to point to the consequences of not responding to this need. The essays in this monograph seek to articulate more fully how and where policy change and intervention are required. The authors examine the trade-offs to be made between quality and coverage; the case for more targeted support; the concept of co-payment; and the role of the private market for care insurance. The essays aim to set out some positive and achievable options, which can lead to the action that is necessary to ensure the dignity and meet the aspirations of Britain's older citizens.

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