Advertisement for Perrier Water


What is it?

Advertisements were a common feature of publications about and commemorating the actions of troops in the First World War. They often situated themselves in a war context, using themes and ideas close to the viewer’s mind to enhance the likelihood of inciting a purchase. In this case Perrier uses the war to deride its German competitors and highlight war-time alliances – political and personal – as a reason for making the Perrier the right purchase.

Where was it published?

Printed in Fighting Australasia, the advert is one of many that found its way into this and other similar publications. Published in London in 1917, Fighting Australasia sought to act as a souvenir record about the contribution of the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) to the conflict. The book is glossily produced and illustrated with many photographs of ANZAC soldiers.

Full title:
Advert for Perrier Water, taken from Fighting Australasia
1917, London
Advertisement / Illustration / Image
© © Perrier / Fighting Australasia
Held by
British Library

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