After the riots: the final report of the Riots Communities and Victims Panel

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Riots Communities and Victims Panel
Riots Communities and Victims Panel
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1 March 2012
Young Offenders
Social welfare
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Residents in communities where riots took place in August 2011 want rioters appropriately punished. However, they also believe that action is needed to ensure that in future, these individuals and those displaying worrying signs of similar behaviour can play a positive role in their areas. When people feel they have no reason to stay out of trouble the consequences can be devastating. We must give everyone a stake in society. The key to avoiding future riots is to have
communities that work:

  • where everyone feels they have a stake in society;
  • where individuals respect each other and the place they live in;
  • where public services work together and with the voluntary sector to spot those who are struggling at an early stage and help them;
  • where opportunities are available to all,especially young people;
  • where parents and schools ensure children develop the values, skills and character to make the right choices at crucial moments;
  • where the police and the public work together to support the maintenance of law and order; and
  • where the criminal justice system punishes those who commit crimes but also commits itself to making sure – for all our sakes – that they don’t do it again