Bacon's Essays translated by Ramkamal Bhattacharya


This book is a selection of Francis Bacon’s essays, compiled and translated by Ramkamal Bhattacharya. Francis Bacon (1561-1626) was an eminent English philosopher, author and politician. He had served as Attorney General and Lord Chancellor of England. The essays in this book comprise of a range of subjects: knowledge, scriptures, children, good fortune and suspicion.

The translator Ramkamal Bhattacharya was a scholar of Sanskrit College, and a headmaster of Calcutta Normal School. A classical scholar, positivist, and mathematician, he had also written and published a book titled ‘Elements of Geography’, which attempted to improve upon the system of Euclid.

This book appears with a Trübner and Co stamp on the front page, which meant that the book appeared in the Trübner American and Oriental Record, which was a register of all books imported from various parts of the world. 

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Bacon's Essays translated by Ramkamal Bhattacharya
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Bacon Francis
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British Library

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