Bigyan Sebadhi (Treasures of Science)


This book is a translation of Lord Henry Brougham’s early 19th century work, titled ‘Treatise on the Objects, Pleasures and Advantages of Science.’ The Bengali translation was done by two students of Hindu College, Kashiprasad Ghosh and Amala Chandra Ganguli.  The book covers a range of subjects: mathematical science, physical science and natural philosophy,

The book was originally published in England by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge at a relatively inexpensive price of one and a half penny for the purpose of disseminating knowledge to those who were ‘unable to avail themselves of experienced teachers of may prefer learning by themselves’.  This book was revised and published in 1832 by the Reformer Press, Calcutta.

The book was published by the Society for Translating European Sciences, established in 1825 by students of Hindu College in Calcutta under the guidance of Horace Hayman Wilson (1786-1860), with the purpose of propagating scientific knowledge in India. H.H Wilson was an English Orientalist. In 1811, he was appointed as Secretary of Royal Asiatic Society. Later on, he was appointed as the Secretary to the Committee of Public instruction, and superintended the studies of the Sanskrit College in Calcutta.

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Bigyan Sebadhi (Treasures of Science)
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Lord Henry Brougham; Translated by Kashiprasad Ghosh and Amala Chandra Ganguli
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