Brontë juvenilia: 'The Young Men's Magazine No. Third'


This little book is the third issue of The Young Men’s Magazine. Although Charlotte Brontë finished it on 23 August 1830, when she was 14 years old, it is advertised as the issue for 'October 1830'. The Young Men’s Magazine is a resurrection of the Blackwood's Young Men's Magazine series, the first of which Charlotte issued for August 1829.

The Young Men’s Magazines were a great advance on earlier imitation books produced by the Brontës. The script is tiny but neat and clearly written; each issue has its lists of contents and carries advertisements just like the real books and magazines. This one contains prose and poetry, mostly descriptive in nature, including 'A Day at Parry's Palace' written in the fictional persona of Lord Charles Wellesley. The four Brontë children were inspired to create the fictional Glass Town Federation after Branwell was given a box of 12 toy soldiers by his father shortly before his ninth birthday.

The book itself is a hand-sewn one with rough brown paper covers, like the others in the series.

Credit: Adapted from Juliet R V Barker, Sixty Treasures (Keighley: Brontë Society, 1988)

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Full title:
'The Young Men's Magazine No. Third'
23 August 1830
Manuscript / Artwork / Image
Charlotte Brontë
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Brontë Parsonage Museum
Bonnell 85

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