Closer to equality?: assessing New Labour's record on equality after 10 years in government

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Danny Dorling; Toby Lloyd; Simon Nunn; Nick Johnson; Katherine Rake;
Date of publication
28 May 2007
Social Policy
Social welfare
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This report examines the government's progress on equality across a range of social policy areas. In 1997, with a clear democratic mandate, New Labour set out to make Britain a more equal place.  The essays in this collection examine how successful they have been after ten years in government. The contributors assess the good, the bad and the indifferent and make key policy proposals for the future in their respective fields. The topics covered include wealth; workers; health; housing; children; education; women; race; gay rights and democracy. While progress has been made in some areas, there are also many examples of inequality left untackled and entrenched. The report shows enduring and even growing inequalities in key policy areas.

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