Gambling behaviour in Great Britain in 2015: evidence from England, Scotland and Wales

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Conolly, Anne; Fuller, Elizabeth; Jones, Hollie
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1 August 2017
Social Policy
Social welfare
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Great Britain has one of the most accessible gambling markets in the world. Opportunities to gamble exist on most high streets and, with the spread of the internet, in virtually every home. People with gambling problems often experience a range of negative effects, including health issues, relationship breakdown, and difficulties with debt. In more severe cases gambling problems can lead to crime, thoughts of suicide or suicide itself.

This report provides the latest estimates of gambling participation and problem and at-risk gambling in England, Scotland and Wales, based on data collected in 2015. Analysis was conducted as soon as all three datasets were made available. Where data is comparable for all three countries, estimates are provided for Great Britain as a whole. This is the first time that data about gambling behaviours has been available from a large sample of respondents in all three British nations, and collected in the same timeframe, since the British Gambling Prevalence Survey 2010.

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