Gangotri, the holy shrine of Mahadeo


James Baillie Fraser visited the Himalayas in 1815 as part of an expedition to find the sources of the Rivers Jumna and Ganges. He was accompanying his brother William, a ‘Writer’ (administrator) in the British East India Company. The East India Company was then at war with Nepal, consolidating British territories in the Himalayan region.

Fraser documented his travels in a series of views, published in 1820 to accompany his Journal of a Tour through Part of the Snowy Range of the Himālā Mountains, and to the Sources of the Rivers Jumna and Ganges. This aquatint, plate eleven from Views in the Himala Mountains, shows Gangotri, which is the source of the River Ganges and a pilgrimage site for Hindus.

Full title:
Gangotri, the Holy Shrine of Mahadeo, from Views in the Himala Mountains
1820, London
Rodwell & Martin
Aquatint / Colour / View
Robert Havell, James Baillie Fraser
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Public Domain
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British Library
X 502

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