The Hastings Hours


Written in Latin on vellum, this manuscript was made between 1475 and 1483, probably at Ghent or Bruges in the Low Countries. The painted miniatures are attributed to an artist known as the Master of the First Prayer Book of Maximillian I. This Book of Hours belonged to William, Lord Hastings, who undertook diplomatic missions to the Low Countries. Hastings was a staunch protector of Prince Edward and his brother – the young 'princes in the Tower' – and as such stood between Richard, Duke of Gloucester and his kingly ambitions. Gloucester had Hastings executed in June 1483, a month before he claimed the throne as King Richard III. In one instance, the Hasting arms overlap earlier painted decoration, raising the suggestion that Lord Hastings may not have been the manuscript's original owner.

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Full title:
Book of Hours, Use of Sarum ('The Hastings Hours', or 'London Hours of William Lord Hastings')
c. 1480, Low Countries
Manuscript / Illuminated manuscript
Master of the First Prayer Book of Maximillian I [artist]
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Public Domain in most countries other than the UK.

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British Library
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