Illustrations to Wuthering Heights by Barnett Freedman


This set of illustrations to Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights were produced in 1940 by Barnett Freedman, a 20th century British artist. Most of the illustrations are intense portrait studies of one or two characters, with minimal background details. As such, the illustrations dramatise characters' emotional states and emphasise the tensions within a complex set of relationships.

Freedman has furthermore chosen to focus on some of the novel's Gothic and supernatural elements, from the moment when Lockwood is grasped by a ghostly hand at Wuthering Heights (see facing p. 26) to a depiction of Heathcliff hand-in-hand with the spirit of Cathy after her death. 

Full title:
Wuthering Heights / ... With lithographs by Barnett Freedman [and an introduction by J. T. Winterich]
estimated 1940, New York, US
Book / Illustration / Image
Barnett Freedman, Emily Brontë
© Estate of Barnett Freedman
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Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial licence
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British Library

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