Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy


These two texts were published at the beginning of this edition of Jude the Obscure, the first being the preface to the original book edition, from 1895, and the second being a postscript in which Thomas Hardy addresses some of the issues raised in reviews of the book. Of necessity the second text is a defence of the book and himself. Hardy, having by this stage given up writing novels, argues wearily, but also with some mischief, that if the book was an attack on marriage, then it was not very successful. ‘What did it matter?’ he asks. ‘The famous contract – sacrament I mean – is doing fairly well still’. 

Hardy notes in the preface that this version of the text is different from the version serialised in Harper's New Monthly Magazine, between December 1894 and November 1895. Magazines such as Harpers’s, avoided confronting their middle-class readers with scenes of a too sexual nature. Hardy was accustomed to this process; the serialised texts of both Far from the Madding Crowd and Tess of the d’Urbervilles were edited for publication. Hardy himself naturally made changes during the writing and editing process: Jude the Obscure was originally called The Simpletons, and later Hearts Insurgent.

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Jude the Obscure
Thomas Hardy
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