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One of Sophia Duleep Singh’s most significant contributions to the Suffragette cause was her role as a tax resister. Duleep Singh was a leading member of the Women’s Tax Resistance League, whose founding slogan was ‘No vote, no tax’.

Taking on the adage of no taxation without representation, Duleep Singh was prosecuted on several occasions for the refusal to pay for licences for her dogs, carriage and servants. Refusing to pay the fines, too, she had jewellery confiscated from her to be sold at auction. The auctions were attended by other suffragettes, who reclaimed the impounded items for her.

These instances caused much publicity, as evidenced by this article in the Daily Mail, which reports specifically on Duleep Singh’s trial in December 1913. Duleep Singh stated before the court, ‘When the women of England are enfranchised and the State acknowledges me as a citizen I shall, of course, pay my share willingly to its upkeep’. The trial led to the confiscation of a pearl necklace and gold bangles, to be auctioned at Twickenham Town Hall. They were reclaimed for her by members of the Women’s Tax Resistance League.

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P 1608/1913 Duleep Singh Family: affairs of the Princess Bamba, Sophia and Catherine; visits to India
13 December 1913
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