Panorama of London by William Smith, 1588


In this panorama William Smith has combined a profile view of London with a perspective view of Whitehall and Westminster. Neither was original. The city view is probably derived from a mural by Wyngaerde in Whitehall Palace, while the bird's-eye view seems to be copied from the Copperplate Map and its successors. Smith shows St Paul's without its spire and south of the river, to the left of what is now Southwark Cathedral, he emphasises the large palace of the bishops of Winchester, of which only the west wall now survives. Further west, there are bull and bear-baiting pits but not yet theatres.

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William Smith, Rouge Dragon pursuivant: Description of England, with arms of the nobility: 1588.Sir Paul Methuen, KB, Ambassador to Spain and Portugal, afterwards Secretary of State: Gave MS. to Sir H. Sloane.Owners of Manuscripts: Methuen (Sir Paul)
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William Smith
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Public Domain in most countries other than the UK.

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British Library
Sloane MS 2596 No.52

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