Photograph of Indian Suffragettes on the Women's Coronation Procession


This photograph was taken on 17 June 1911 at the Women’s Coronation Procession. Women’s suffrage societies had organised the demonstration, held on the eve of George V’s coronation, to demand the right to vote.

To exhibit the strength of support for the British suffrage movement throughout the Empire, the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) sought to include an ‘Empire Paegant’ featuring representatives from India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the West Indies. British suffragette Jane Cobden (Fisher Unwin) and others WSPU members were involved in coordinating these women, inviting them to join the procession. Under a banner featuring an elephant and emblazoned with ‘India’ marched a small contingent of Indian women. Very little is known about these five women, which attests to the overlooked history of Indian women’s involvement in British suffrage, although it is understood that some of them were already living in Britain. Sumita Mukherjee has identified three of the women as Mrs P L Roy, Mrs Bhagwati Bhola Nauth and Mrs Mukerjea.[1]

[1] Sumita Mukherjee, ‘Diversity and the British female Suffrage movement’, Fawcett Society (30 November 2015) [accessed May 2017].

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Indian suffragettes on the Women's Coronation Procession, London, 17th June 1911. Mrs Fisher Unwin, who had links with India, was in charge of this contingent, which was part of the Empire Pageant.
17 June 1911, London
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