Portrait of King John hunting


This famous image shows King John, hunting on horseback in the forest. The crowned king sits on a grey horse, while his pack of hounds pursues a stag. In the foreground a number of rabbits bolt into their holes, while several birds watch the hunt from the safety of the trees. Below is a list of John’s surviving children, including King Henry III (r. 1216–72) and Richard, Earl of Cornwall, subsequently King of Germany (1209-72). The only contemporary likeness of King John is that on his Great Seal; other later images often feature him enthroned, but this portrait illustrates him engaging in a typical royal pastime. The legal collection in which this miniature is found was compiled for the Guildhall in London. It also contains the full text of Magna Carta, here called ‘Carta de Ronemede’, as granted by King John in 1215.

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Statutes of England, John (1199–1216)–Edward I (1272–1307), including Magna Carta, 1215 (119r–122r)
Manuscript / Illustration
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Public Domain in most countries other than the UK.

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British Library
Cotton MS Claudius D II

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