Poster for an India League meeting


This simple poster advertises an India League conference and meeting held in London in November 1932. An anti-colonial pressure group, the India League campaigned for purna swaraj, complete independence from British rule. It aimed to educate public opinion, influence parliament and counter British propaganda about the effects of colonialism in India.

Through a vigorous information campaign in national newspapers and pamphlets, together with organising meetings of factory workers, miners, women’s groups and students, its secretary, Krishna Menon, built up the League into a large movement. It established branches all over Britain from Glasgow, Birmingham and Bristol to London, which alone had 13 branches.

While many Asians living in Britain joined the League, the large majority of its members were high-profile British political and academic figures including London School of Economics professor Harold Laski and parliamentarians Reginald Sorensen and Ellen Wilkinson.

The India League’s greatest achievement was the 1932 fact-finding mission to India. Revelations of British atrocities in its published report The Condition of India stunned the public. It was banned in India.

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File 721/32 - India League (formerly called the Commonwealth of India League): reports on members and activities
November 1932, London
India League
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