The Ramsey Psalter


This psalter – a collection of psalms, prayers and hymns, together with a litany of saints – was produced in the late 10th century, probably at one of the Winchester monasteries. Details of its litany of saints suggest it was made for Ramsey Abbey in Huntingdonshire. It is written in Latin on vellum. The text scroll reads 

This is the disciple who beareth witness of these things. (John 21:24) 

A small group of other 10th-century manuscripts sharing this tinted-outline drawing style are attributed to the same artist, who was influential in introducing the technique into Anglo-Saxon England. At that time, the peace following the long period of Viking invasions enabled a revival of the monastic tradition, which in turn fostered a late flowering of Anglo-Saxon art.

This entirety of the Ramsey Psalter is freely available online via our Digitised Manuscripts website.

Full title:
Psalter (the 'Ramsey Psalter' or 'Psalter of Oswald')
4th quarter of the 10th century, Southern England, either Winchester or Ramsey
Benedictine Abbey of St Mary the Virgin and St Benedict
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Public Domain
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British Library
Harley MS 2904

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