'Rose of England', a song from Crest of the Wave


This is the score for ‘Rose of England’, a patriotic song from the 1937 musical Crest of the Wave. The music is by Ivor Novello, a composer and popular early 20th-century entertainer, with lyrics by Christopher Hassall.

It is one of several music hall or show songs that are referenced in Wise Children, Angela Carter’s last novel. Wise Children’s protagonists are Dora and Nora Chance, twins and former chorus girls, now celebrating their 75th birthday. Gorgeous George, the music hall performer who represents the decline of the British Empire, performs ‘Rose of England’ at Brighton Pier Pavilion.

Full title:
Crest of the wave. / Devised, written and composed by Ivor Novello. Lyrics by Christopher Hassall
c. 1937, London
Music / Illustration / Image
Ivor Novello, Christopher Hassall
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'Rose of England'
Words by Christopher Hassall
Music by Ivor Novello
© 1937 Chappell and Co Ltd (London), London W8 5DA
Reproduced by permission of Faber Music Ltd
All Rights Reserved.
Published under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Licence.

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