Following the final issue of Arena Three, the UK’s first publication for lesbians produced by the Minorities Research Group (MRG), a void appeared in the lives of bisexual and lesbians.

The Press Freedom Group of MRG had continued to meet and became a focal point for lesbians and bisexual women to express their continued desire for a magazine. Sappho was founded by 12 women, including Jackie Forster, Angie Chilton, Roz Stott, Jenny Green and Helen Milton.

The first issue was published in April 1972 by Sappho Publications Ltd. and from the start, represented a diverse, cross-class community. Sappho encouraged lesbians and bisexual women to form local groups and produce newsletters, which ultimately led to a decrease in Sappho’s circulation. The last issue of Sappho was published in 1981. 

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1972, London
Sappho Publications Ltd.
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