Spare Rib magazine issue 127


Spare Rib engaged in many debates and campaigns of the 1980s and always sought to challenge perceptions of race, gender and sexual orientation. Era-defining events and campaigns such as the women’s peace protests at Greenham Common are reported in words and pictures, providing a valuable record for readers both then and now.

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Spare Rib magazine issue 127
February 1983
Spare Rib Collective
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Item 1: issue 127, front cover, photograph of Greenham Common Women by Raissa Page
Usage terms: © Rachel Page Creative Commons Non-Commercial Licence

Items 2, 3, 4: issue 127 p 3, editorial by Sona and Arati; p 17 From Greenham Common to Diego Garcia by Raven; p 18, Greenham Common: Struggling for peace by Roisin Boyd, Jan Parker & Manny; photograph of woman forcibly escorted by two policemen by Maggie Murray; p 19 Greenham Common: Struggling for peace by Jan Parker & Roisin Boyd; photograph of women’s hands linked against Greenham Common fence by Brenda Prince
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Photograph of Greenham women sitting down in busy road in front of police motorbikes by Pam Isherwood
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