Sue Lopez discusses a lifetime's contribution to sport



Sue Lopez talks about the contribution she has made to women’s football over the course of her life.

Can you think of any other sporting pioneers who have significantly changed the face of sport?

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Sue Lopez with football photograph © Sue Lopez

Sue Lopez, Women on the Ball: A guide to women’s football (London: Scarlet Press, 1997) © Scarlet Press



I'm proud to have been one of the pioneers that really kick-started the renaissance in 1966 after all those teams that had gone before and withered away, thanks to the ban, partly. So I feel proud of that. And, just all the bits I've done, running Southampton Football Club. That model I had from six year old up to the Premier League team, and to be a coach. I suppose I'm a little bit, I mean people say I'm too modest, I'm a bit shy but, that's me. I'm pleased to have been in a situation where people must have visually seen, you know, there's a woman coach. And I just hope now that – I feel the game now sort of reached a bit of a plateau, it really needs to win something because, it’s like the England men, you know, they keep being chided, oh they haven’t won anything since ’66, and obviously it’s not quite the same for the women but a win would get all the media attention, I know that. And now that it’s on TV it would help this professional league that the FA have started, which is good. But it needs a kick start and it needs something great to happen. So, we've got to win something and that's where we've got to develop some really good young players and I don’t know how that's going. I feel we need to get hold of young girls at an early age, with quality coaches.

Sue Lopez discusses a lifetime's contribution to sport
17 May 2012
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