Tennyson's 'The Charge of the Light Brigade', first published in the Examiner


'The Charge of the Light Brigade' by Alfred Lord Tennyson praised the heroism of the British light brigade cavalry who were led into a charge at the Battle of Balaklava on 25 October 1854. The British brigade were vastly outnumbered by Russian troops and it is now believed that a wrong or miscommunicated order was sent, which Tennyson alludes to in the phrase 'someone had blundered'. Men were killed, injured and hundreds of horses lost.  

Tennyson drafted the poem numerous times; shown here is the poem in its first published form in the Examiner on 9 December.

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'The Charge of the Light Brigade'
9 December 1854, London
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The Examiner, Alfred Lord Tennyson
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'The Charge of the Light Brigade'

Created by: Alfred Lord Tennyson

A poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892), first published in The Examiner in 1854. Tennyson became Poet Laureate ...