Transcript of telegram for Lord Crewe about Sophia Duleep Singh


This letter to Lord Crewe was a direct response to a photograph of Sophia Duleep Singh selling issues of The Suffragette outside Hampton Court Palace. The picture had been published by The Suffragette newspaper in April 1913. Sir William Connington asked ‘“if anything could be done to stop her”’.

The youngest daughter of Maharajah Duleep Singh and goddaughter of Queen Victoria, Sophia Duleep Singh campaigned for votes for women and regularly sold the paper outside the Palace from 1912 onwards.

There is a suggestion in this letter that Sophia’s campaigning activity could give the King reason to evict her from her home. Sophia lived in grace-and-favour lodgings in Faraday House, Hampton Court under the arrangements made by Queen Victoria for her father and his heirs. This did not come to pass, however, and she continued to campaign for women’s suffrage.


Sir William Connington telephoned to me about this picture which appeared in this weeks' Suffragette. He asked “if anything could be done to stop her." We have no financial hold over the Dhuleep Singh Princesses, but of course it is for the King to say whether her conduct is such as should call for her eviction from The Lodging she now enjoys in Hampton Court by his Majesty's favour. May I so reply to Sir W. Connington.

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P 1608/1913 Duleep Singh Family: affairs of the Princess Bamba, Sophia and Catherine; visits to India
21 April 1913
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Sir Arthur Hirtzel
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