Volume the Third: Austen juvenilia


Volume the Third is one of three notebooks that the teenage Jane Austen filled with her early experiments in writing.

The page shown here is the first page of ‘Kitty, or the Bower’, later retitled ‘Catharine’, an unfinished novella that Jane Austen dedicated to her sister Cassandra, signing it ‘August 1793’, when she was 17 years old. ‘Kitty’ marks a maturing of Austen’s youthful style, and the story’s heroine has characteristics in common with later heroines, notably Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice.

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'VOLUME THE THIRD': notebook containing two early novels, 'Evelyn' and 'Catharine, or the Bower', by Jane Austen; 6 May 1792-19 Aug. 1809, n.d. Mostly autograph. This is the third of the surviving three volumes of Jane Austen's juvenilia; 'Volume the First' is in the Bodleian Library, Oxford (MS Don.e.7) and 'Volume the Second' is in the British Library
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Jane Austen
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Article by:
Kathryn Sutherland
Childhood and children's literature, The novel 1780–1832

Professor Kathryn Sutherland explores how Jane Austen’s education and upbringing shaped her childhood writing, and considers the relationship between these early works and her adult novels.

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